Although your son is only at camp for one session during the summer, we do our best to keep you informed as to happenings throughout the year up at camp and within the Nominingue community, which continues to grow after 90 years of operation.

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Tumpline NewslettersThe best way to keep informed is by signing up for the Nominingue Tumpline. This newsletter is published once per month. It includes stories of recent and less-recent memories from Nominingue, information about enrolment and upcoming dates and events. It is a must if you want to stay informed!

At various times during the year, parents who are enrolled or who were enrolled in the previous summer will receive e-mail communication on specific issues related to enrolment. We do try to avoid inundating you with e-mails and try to ensure that the information is pertinent when we do send it to you.

facebookOn Facebook, we post photo essays of particular events, activities or unique qualities of the camp; we post historical photos and photos of Nominingue as it changes throughout the off-season; we also will announce upcoming events.

twitterOn Twitter, in the off-season, we post stories about camps, nature, boys’ education and a variety of topics; in the summer, we focus on activities, events and weather occurring at camp on that particular day.

youtubeOn Youtube, we post our video collection and hope to increase this collection substantially this summer.

linkedinLinkedIn is used less frequently, but enables Nominingue alumni and parents, and other camp industry professionals to connect and maintain a relationship long-term.

Director's BlogIn the Director’s Blog, the director links his yearly reading to various aspects of Camp Nominingue’s philosophy, program and history. Please have a look, add a comment and share your opinions.

During the spring, we hold Parent-Son information evenings in both Montreal and Ottawa. We feel that these evenings are a great way to inform you about our program, a great way to meet parents and their sons not too far from home and an opportunity for you to ask all of your questions.

Parent Information Sessions

Due to the pandemic, we are not holding in-person parent-son information sessions. We have replaced these sessions with Zoom presentations. Whether your son is already registered or you are still considering the possibility of registering him for camp, we invite you to come out to one of our parent information sessions on Zoom:

Tuesday March 29, 2022          7 pm      French
Wednesday March 30, 2022     7 pm      English

The purpose of this session is to present our leadership team, our program and daily schedule to parents new to Nominingue. Each session lasts about one hour. We will not be addressing Covid protocols or accommodations, as we do not yet know what the situation will be by summertime. Although your son is welcome to participate, the sessions are directed towards parents. You will have the chance to ask all your questions both during and following the presentation.

To participate in either session, please contact us at to receive a Zoom link.

We are always looking for new ideas to improve our communication with you. If you have any suggestions, please share them with us.