About Us


Founded in 1925 on the idea that a sleepaway wilderness camp experience would help boys develop responsibility, maturity and leadership, our summer camp program has developed a unique understanding of the needs of boys. As thousands of former campers can attest, a summer at Camp Nominingue is an experience that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Our facilities, set on over 400 acres, provide a safe and perfect environment for summertime fun and adventure. We are a boys summer camp in Quebec, north of Montreal and Mont-Tremblant, with over 2 km of shoreline!

Camp Nominingue exists on lands inhabited by the Anishnaabe tribes and other indigenous peoples, who are the traditional stewards of this land.  

Robert Whiteduck, Chief of Algonquins of Pikwakanagan First Nation wrote “There is no greater thing we as peoples can do for our Mother Earth and for our children of the future than to preserve our rich heritage and relationship with this land.” 

As members of the Great Tribe of Nominingue, we recognize that we are all visitors to this land. We pledge to respect it, to leave the smallest ecological footprint possible and where feasible to repair what has previously been broken. 

about us