Camp Nominingue Canoe Company

Camp Nominingue Canoe CompanyWe began recanvassing and rebuilding canoes in the early 1950s and upon acquiring some excellent molds in 1968, started making our own canoes. Since then we have built over 500, some going to our own 50 canoe fleet, the remainder being sold, to both individuals and other summer camps. Most experienced canoeists agree that a well shaped 16 foot canoe provides the best combination of glide, stability, lightness and load carrying ability. Our canoes’ width is 35 inches at the gunwales but, because of a pronounced tumblehome is 37 inches wide 6 inches below the gunwale. This along with a slight rocker from bow to stem makes it an excellent canoe for solo paddling.

All wood is either cedar or white ash which we handpick at local lumber mills. Eastern white cedar is used because it is stronger and more malleable then western cedar. White ash’s characteristics of strength, flexibility and lightness are well suited to the resiliency and ‘durability required in a quality canoe. Metal fastenings are brass and coated stell, expect where stainless steel is needed for maximum strength.

Camp Nominingue Canoe Company

Besides being the most pleasant canoe to paddle, a cedar-canvas canoe can be rebuilt for less than half the price of a new canoe. The end result of our service is a completely rebuilt canoe, one that is structurally as strong as the original. Since 1970, we have built and rebuilt more than 500 canoes. We replace or repair every piece that is cracked, broken or rotten with top grade eastern white cedar or white ash. We use brass canoe tacks, rust proof staples and brass or stainless steel screws. Any canoe which closely retains its original shape is worth rebuilding provided it does not have a large number of broken or cracked ribs. Eight ribs is usually the limit when repairing a cedar canoe.

*Prices include materials and labour (taxes extra). Please call our office for a pick up and/or delivery quotation (delivery is extra, and takes into account mileage, driver’s time, and handling). Prices are subject to change without notice. Discount/quantity pricing is available to camps.

Canoe Repair Prices* (orders placed by July 1, 2023)

Canvas Replacement Includes removal of old canvas, installing new
canvas, filler, and remounting original gunwales
Paint Two coats of high grade outdoor enamel $99.00
Varnish Interior One coat of verathane; no sanding $69.00
Ribs White cedar each $45.00
Planking White cedar per linear ft. $7.00
Gunwale Outer – White ash each $65.00
Gunwale Inner – White ash each $110.00
Stemband Outer – Brass each $50.00
Stemband Inner – White ash average $97.00
Seat Bow or Stern – White ash slat (caned seats optional) each $94.00
Deck Bow or Stern – White ash each $34.00
Thwart White ash each $40.00
Keel White ash $97.00
Modified Deck White ash each $50.00

Canoe Prices* (orders placed by July 1, 2023)

16 foot – Without keel $3,800.00
16 foot – With keel $3,900.00
14 foot – Without keel $3,600.00
14 foot – With keel $3,700.00