Basketball, Soccer & Lacrosse

Three team sports are part of the instruction program at Nominingue: Basketball, Soccer and Lacrosse. Conditioning, team-work and sportsmanship are all important goals of this program.

The basketball court is located beside the theatre. In basketball, campers are taught to dribble with both hands as well as to shoot a lay-up from both sides of the basket. As campers develop their skill, shooting and passing techniques are reinforced as well as offensive and defensive strategies to be applied in a game.

Both soccer and lacrosse are practised on the athletic field. In soccer, campers will practise various ball control techniques including different kinds of passes and dribbling. Proper technique will be instructed for shooting on goal. As campers develop their skills, offensive and defensive strategies are taught and positional play is introduced.

In lacrosse, campers are introduced to passing, catching and shooting technique. As campers progress in skills, they are introduced to stick-handling and practise passing accuracy, positional play and game strategy.