Campcraft & Outdoor Cooking

The campcraft area, where the campcraft and cooking activities are taught, is located at the bottom of honk-your-horn hill, beside the visitor parking area. The purpose of the campcraft and cooking programs is to provide campers with the skills and knowledge to feel confident in and around a campsite on a wilderness canoe trip.

Campers learn about various types of campfires, about the best wood to start a fire or to boil a pot of water, and various techniques used to light them. They make knots that are useful to rig a canoe for portage, for hanging a knapsack in a tree or to tie a canoe to the roof of a car. They learn how to use an axe safely, to cut a tree or to split firewood. They also learn how to set up a safe and organized campsite.

Outdoor cooking begins with organization – setting a campsite kitchen; learning how to wash dishes on a trip while ensuring minimum impact to the environment; and the disposal of waste water. Campers begin the actual cooking by learning to prepare some tripping staples – juice, soup and pudding; expanding their repertoires to breakfast foods – pancakes and oatmeal; and working towards confidence with a whole tripping menu. Good food, well-prepared with attention to cleanliness and detail, makes for a happy canoe trip party!