Crafts & the Craftshop / Woodworking

The craftshop sits right at the centre of camp. Campers pass by the craftshop a number of times each day as they head off to the athletic field, to the campcraft area or the infirmary. It is also very likely that each camper will spend some time working on a project in the craftshop during their stay at camp.

The focus of the craftshop and crafts is woodworking. Campers learn how to use various hand woodworking tools, how to finish projects using sandpaper and various oils or varnish, how to care for equipment and how to carve. Projects range from planes and boats to gouge bowls to full-size paddles.

All campers learn to use a pen-knife safely and properly. The craftshop is frequently open during free swim and campers are able to work on their craft project or begin a carving.

A number of other craft programs also take place at the craftshop: kite building, racing cars, leather or hemp bracelets, and femo bead-making to name a few.