Sailing & Windsurfing

Petit Lac Nominingue, over a kilometre wide and three kilometres long, offers campers an ideal environment to learn the rudiments of sailing and windsurfing. In the morning, winds are frequently light enabling the teaching of basic techniques. By the afternoon, winds can become quite strong, providing a good challenge to the beginning and more experienced sailor.

The sailboat fleet includes bytes, megabytes, junior squadrons and RS Kubas. Campers learn how to sail safely, first as crew, then as skipper and eventually solo. Sailing terminology, the rigging and care of the boats and equipments, knots and techniques as campers learn to sail for fun and eventually challenge themselves in a race.

In windsurfing, campers begin by learning to read the wind and develop their balance on the board. After learning to go about and return to the starting point, campers will learn how to jibe, sail in a straight line and follow a course. They will learn how to care for the equipment, how to rig a windsurfer and how to undertake a self-rescue.