Swimming & Lifesaving

Swim and lifesaving instruction takes place at the beach, either in the junior swim area or the senior swim area, depending on the skill level of the campers.

Our swimming & lifesaving programs correspond to the programs offered by the Lifesaving Society. Some summers, we will also offer Red Cross courses if we have a Red Cross instructor on staff.


The swim program co-relates to the Lifesaving Society’s swim levels 1 – 6. Campers begin learning to feel confident in the water, learn to float, to tread water, to submerge their body and swim freestyle. As campers progress, they will begin to practise specific strokes such as the front crawl, the back crawl, the elementary back and the breast stroke, to execute a dive and to swim longer distances.

The lifesaving program begins with rookie patrol and moves to star patrol. Boys learn various kicks, carries and throws used by lifeguards. Basic principles of first aid are taught and then the campers learn how to apply their swimming and first aid skills in a waterfront lifesaving situation.

Swimming & Lifesaving

16 year-old boys enrolled in the leader-in-training (LIT) program will train for either their bronze medallion or bronze cross certifications.