Historical Photos

Each summer, a photo has been taken of the campers and staff at Camp Nominingue. In the 1970s, the photographer used a camera which operated on a swivel. He would begin at one end of the group and slowly rotate the camera to reach the far end. It was possible, and a number of counsellors did their best to make it happen each summer, for a person to appear in the photo twice. A person just had to outrun the rotation of the camera!

For the last number of years, we take photos of each section – lower camp, middle camp, upper camp, staff and the LITs. The worst part of photo day is the waiting around for the photographer to capture the perfect picture!

July 2012 StaffJuly 2012 Upper1925 1st group photo1926 - 37 campers and 8 staff1927 staffStaff early 1930sEarly 1930sCirca 1927-1929Circa 1927-281932 or 1933