Living Space – Tents & Tentline

Our tentline winds its way through a grove of white birch trees, where the sound of a tetherball game is muffled only by the laughter from a nearby tent-group. Set on raised wooded platforms, all our canvas tents are equipped with a rain fly and roll up sidewalls, making it an ideal home for a small group of boys and their counsellor.

In the tent, campers are furnished with a metal cot and mattress. Campers arrive at camp with their sleeping bag, pillow and blanket, which is useful as a mattress cover, for warmth on cool nights and for our council ring program. Although each tent has a couple of wooden crates, useful for storing books or toiletries during their stay at camp, campers keep their clothing in their travel bags, which is why a trunk is so useful at camp.

Each age-group has their own space in the tent-line. Lower Camp, for 7-10 year olds, is located in horseshoe in front of the Junior Swim Area. Middle Camp, for 11-12 year old boys, stretches from the Main Lodge past the shower building and Upper Camp, for 13 to 15 year old boys, is centred around the Intermediate Lodge.

Campers from 7 to 13 live in large tents with five campers and a counsellor, with the younger campers also having a junior counsellor in the tent. 14 and 15 year old campers move into smaller 3-man tents, with their counsellor in a tent nearby, giving them additional space and independence.