Preparing your Son for camp

When you begin to make decisions about camp, the best advice is to include your son in the process right from the start. At the same time as you are choosing a camp that matches your values, it is important that the activities and the program match your son’s interests. Check out the website together; look at the photos on Facebook and the videos on Youtube. Read stories about camp experiences in the archived newsletters. The more information that you share, the better informed and more confident you will both be. If it is helpful to you to speak with a family that sends their son to Nominingue, this can be arranged. In the same way, it might be helpful for your son to meet someone who has been to Camp Nominingue as a camper.

As spring arrives, we hold parent-son information evenings. These evenings are a great way to learn about the program, to meet some of the people who will be working with you son and to ask lots of questions. Don’t shy away from speaking about homesickness with your son. It is perfectly normal for him to miss home at some point during his camp experience. He needs to be given some helpful actions that he can take when he begins to miss home, and feel empowered that he will be able to deal with the situation when it occurs. If he has little experience being away from home, give your son some practice with family or friends or school, so that camp is not the first away-from-home experience.

Camp Nominingue Tents

As camp approaches, track the last few weeks leading up to departure; get your son involved in the packing process; have him help label his belongings; pre-address and pre-stamp envelopes to make it easy for him to write to you. As well, make sure that you have given as much information as possible in the medical and confidential forms to provide the staff with the guidance it may need to provide your son with the best camp experience possible.

Studies over the last few years have demonstrated that camp does achieve what camp professionals have said for many years: camp improves self-esteem, physical, social and thinking skills; it develops a child’s independence and his sense of adventure; and it is fun! If you do prepare your son for camp, you improve the likelihood that he will have an incredible experience.

preparation for camp

In the same way that it is important that your son be prepared for camp, it is essential that you be prepared for the separation from your child. The less stress that you feel about camp, the better it will be for your child. And whatever you do, avoid giving your son an out at the last minute by promising that you will pick him up if he is homesick. Such a promise will put you in a no-win position, if he calls on you to fulfill this promise. Camp is and should be a learning experience for both of you.

Parent Information Sessions
Due to the pandemic, we are not holding in-person parent-son information sessions. We have replaced these sessions with Zoom presentations. Whether your son is already registered or you are still considering the possibility of registering him for camp, we invite you to come out to one of our parent information sessions on Zoom:

Tuesday March 29, 2022 7 pm French
Wednesday March 30, 2022 7 pm English

The purpose of this session is to present our leadership team, our program and daily schedule to parents new to Nominingue. Each session lasts about one hour. We will not be addressing Covid protocols or accommodations, as we do not yet know what the situation will be by summertime. Although your son is welcome to participate, the sessions are directed towards parents. You will have the chance to ask all your questions both during and following the presentation.

To participate in either session, please contact us at to receive a Zoom link.