The first thing he told us after a huge hug was that Camp Nominingue was like a dream and that it was the best thing that had ever happened to him. With a lot of wisdom, he affirmed that he learnt a lot about himself and that he confronted some of his fears with great pride. He also made some really good friends. More than anything, he loved his canoe trip. Our boy is forever a camper and already sees himself as a future staff member at Nominingue.
Edith S., Montreal, QC

The boys had an incredible experience at camp this summer. They regaled me for weeks with stories and cheers, and we pored over the camp photos for hours together. I so wanted them to have the quintessential camp experience – that I had when I was young – and you exceeded all expectations.
Suzanne R., Cantley, QC

Our son had the most fabulous time with you and can’t wait to return! We have had to chant grace before meals and take it in turns to be slop – and he is insisting that we all take early morning dips in the river in Ireland next week…An all-round wonderful experience and he is completely enamoured with the wilds of Canada and all its charming people.
Anne-Marie M., London, UK

After two days back home, he is still on a high, singing camp songs and repeating stories again and again. Your extraordinary team helps us greatly complementing our son’s education by giving him a dimension of life that we cannot provide through the school system, trips around the world, love, discipline and friendship. In these days, it is tougher to be a boy as male values are always criticized, which is why a camp like Nominingue makes a lot of sense for kids.
Frédéric I. et Isabelle M., La Prairie, QC

I just wanted to reiterate the extent to which I was impressed by your staff and by the “Nominingue Magic”. Each and every staff member was polite, respectful, smiling, enthusiastic, interesting and interested, confident, humble, helpful and calm. It is so easy to understand why a boy would want to surround himself by such warm and motivating leaders. This is quite a group of young men who have a very positive influence on our son’s development.
Nicole V., Beaconsfield, QC

“He leapt off the bus on Sunday all smiles, looking so tanned and fit. After our big reunion hug, he was non-stop story telling of each and every event he did at camp. He loved all aspects of the LIT programme. He definitely will have the best memories of this summer for years to come.
All that to say, Thank you! We appreciate all that Nominingue has done all these years to help a young boy realize his potential.”
Stella P., Baie-D’Urfe, QC

A big thank you for making his first summer camp experience such an amazing one. We had such a wonderful time on Visitors’ Day. We have told all of our friends and family about how terrific Camp Nominingue is. We only wish we had found you sooner. He misses you all already and can’t wait to go back next year. He still hasn’t stopped talking about camp. It’s a beautiful thing…
Caroline P., Sainte-Catherine, QC

We want to thank you and your staff for another fabulous summer at camp for our son. He came back beaming, happy, enthusiastic, with more self-confidence and kindness! He is already looking forward to next year.
Marie Carmen B., Ottawa, ON

My two kids are back home and they already miss camp! Both are looking forward to next year to re-live the experience. This is a great camp and they are very proud of being part of Nominingue’s tradition! Merci pour les beaux souvenirs que vous offrez nos enfants.
Jean A., Boucherville, QC

I wanted thank you warmly for my son who spent two great weeks in the camp. He came back with lots of great stories to tell and he seemed very happy. He is a bit shy and emotional and I am sure that this experience full of sports with all the campers from everywhere was such a positive one.
Pénélope P., La Marsa, Tunisia

Thank you all for being so dedicated and supportive. Canada does feel pretty far away, but we always felt we didn’t have to worry as the boys were being so well cared for. No doubt we will be regaled with many stories of all their adventures, and just looking at the pictures made me wish I could be a teenage boy so I could attend camp and get to do all those cool looking things.
Tessa E., London, UK

Besides the obvious appeal of spending hot, summer days on your extraordinarily beautiful site, enjoying the benefits of a gorgeous waterfront, comfortable tent living, healthy food and constantly challenging activity, there are all the intangibles that he comes away with. Two that come instantly to mind are the inherent respect in the way the Nominingue community communicates through the age-levels and the hierarchy – admirable – as well as the sense of value in trying to achieve a goal – and then the next level of that goal – through effort and practice.

While it cannot be easy facing the myriad competitors to your model, keep doing what you do because the components of a nature-based, outdoor skills-based, personal challenges-based boys’ camp all work together at Nominingue extremely well and are as relevant today – if not more so today – than ever.
Eada R., Westmount, QC

Notre fils est revenu tout à fait enchanté de son séjour. Quoi que la première semaine fut très difficile, il est très heureux de sa seconde semaine et a adoré les « Tribal Games ». Il a un sentiment d’accomplissement qui est grandement attribuable à votre professionnalisme, vos bons soins et l’attention spéciale que vous avez apporté à son cas.
Catherine B., Montréal, QC

Il est effectivement revenu ravi et épanoui de son séjour chez vous. Il a apprécié toutes les activités et ne souhaite qu’une seule chose, c’est de pouvoir revenir l’année prochaine. Il nous a déjà dit qu’il souhaiterait repartir comme moniteur l’an prochain, ce en quoi nous sommes pleinement partants…Nous vous remercions encore pour tout ce qui a été fait pendant le camp et qui permet à nos jeunes de grandir. Ils en gardent un excellent souvenir.
Christine L., Versailles, France

Nous sommes présentement en route vers Québec et désirons vous remercier pour les deux magnifiques semaines que vient de vivre notre fils. Il ne cesse de nous dire combien il a apprécié son séjour – malgré les moustiques! – et surtout combien ses deux moniteurs étaient extraordinaires. Il nous a déjà dit qu’il sera de retour l’an prochain! Et j’avoue avoir été très fière de l’entendre parler anglais pendant le trajet.
Marie-Hélène B., Québec, QC